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Hi. I’m Carlee, and I’m a meth addict. I’ve been living the normal life for eight nine years.

What is normal life?

Normal life includes marriage, paying bills, active church life, children, bachelor’s degree, car insurance, friends, family, and sleeping eight hours a night (now that the baby is sleeping through the night). But I have a scar called meth. Yeah, you might not think that I was a meth addict by looking at me (unless you look in my mouth and start counting my teeth), but it is a scar that I bare. But that’s all it is – a scar.

I’m not the only addict in my family. My husband is an addict and he only have a little over a year clean.

Yeah, lots to tell about that but you’ll have to hop on board if you want to know about that.

My sister in law (no wait, they haven’t remarried yet) has destroyed my brother’s life in some insane ways.

Yeah, you’ll have to come back to hear that one too.

What will keep me straight forever? You might need to grab a box of tissue and I’ll grab mine and tell you. But not yet.

First, you need to understand a few things about me….

I was a pastor’s wife. Until that relationship ended and I became a meth addict and biker’s wife. Yeah, so don’t think the people with perfect lives aren’t immune to meth. Did I mention that it’s the devil? I’ll tell you that story too.

Why am I blogging? Because I can totally relate to the user because I’VE BEEN THERE with the devil at my throat for 4 years. I’ve relapsed and had to start over. I know what it is like to have a family member on meth – my husband of all people – ruining our family. And I had to deal with that. I’m blogging because there is someone out there that is ready for NORMAL LIFE. I can introduce you and help you fill your heart with peace , self-esteem, and happiness.

IF YOU ARE USING I’M HERE TO SUPPORT YOU. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to quit but with the strength of our Heavenly Father and your strength that is lying dormant inside of your gut, YOU CAN QUIT TOO. And I’m going to help you with a realistic plan.

IF YOU HAVE A USER IN YOUR LIFE, I’m here to support you. There is a time for tough love, and there is the right way to help an addict to support them becoming clean. How much do you really love them? How much to you want to see them return to NORMAL LIFE?

And you can look back and just see a scar while enjoying a NORMAL LIFE.

Hi. My name is Carlee and I found hope again. 🙂

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About Carlee Walker

My name is Carlee and I'm a meth addict. I've been clean for nine years and celebrating normal life. Yes, a meth addict can have a normal life and the addiction can be like a scar on the knee. AND you don't have to face your addiction alone! Jesus has already promised to help us if we just call on Him - and my life is now fulfilling thanks to Him. Come, journey with me. Share with me. Grow with me. Together, we can celebrate normal life.