Did You Know You Can Buy a Meth Pipe at the Cash Register Counter?

Look, I’m certainly not telling you this to give you any ideas. This piece is more for someone who doesn’t know how easy it is to get paraphernalia. Maybe you are wondering where on earth addicts get those strange looking pipes not realizing that you are buying your milk right next to a meth pipe.

You know those convenient stores – not the ones that are chains like 7-Eleven or Chevron – the ones on neighborhood corners. You know the convenient stores that sell a lot of liquor and a little milk and cheese? Sometimes they have a funny smell and a weird toy aisle. Some even have a case at the end of the counter that sells bongs and pot-pipes. You know the stores that sell meth pipes at the cash registers?

What, you didn’t know? Yeah, that’s where we (Jack and I) bought ours! Right next to the cash register was a box that held this glass pipe with a bowl on the end and inside was the cute, fake plastic rose. No, we weren’t at a head or smoke shop – just a neighborhood convenient store. Yeah, it was REALLY convenient for addicts like us! I always wondered what other people thought they were for. I knew the cashier knew what they were for meaning they knew why I wanted them.

When I was with Mark, we would buy the glass-tube air fresheners and once we got home, Mark would use a torch to blow a bowl on one end poke a hole in the top of the hot glass to finish the pipe. I was completely amazed and dumbfounded watching Mark blow a pipe the first time. Boy, we wasted a lot of air-freshener!

Because it is so convenient to get a pipe, it makes the struggle more real. When you newly sober, you can be faced with these reminders while you are waiting in line with popcorn and soda. I can’t tell you how many ‘roses’ I’ve seen at different shops that whisks my mind back to times past. I go through feelings of being disgusted and amused at the same time.

If you are dealing with an addict, these are things to look out for. Be careful in confronting them due to outrageous tempers, but if you see a small fake rose in a trash can or suddenly smell stinky air freshener in the bathroom sink, it should be a red flat. Be aware of other signs and look for behaviors that indicate addiction and adjust accordingly.

Brief post is brief, I know, but like I said I didn’t want to dwell on this too much because it doesn’t offer the encouragement that I like to base my posts on. If you’re an addict and have a rose sitting in the trash, why don’t you make that one the last you buy?

Till next time, peace.

About Carlee Walker

My name is Carlee and I'm a meth addict. I've been clean for nine years and celebrating normal life. Yes, a meth addict can have a normal life and the addiction can be like a scar on the knee. AND you don't have to face your addiction alone! Jesus has already promised to help us if we just call on Him - and my life is now fulfilling thanks to Him. Come, journey with me. Share with me. Grow with me. Together, we can celebrate normal life.