Meth Glossary

As a family member of a recovering addict, it can be challenging to decipher some of the lingo or street terms used by your loved one. I have put together a glossary for you, to help you better understand what your loved one might be going through.

Terms I use throughout my blog

Bump: Just a small amount of crushed meth made into a small line to be snorted, or you just might leave it on a spoon straw and snort from there.

Line: Using a hard service, break meth up into a power using a lighter (or something like that) and then use a razor blade to literally make a line out of the power meth to get ready to snort.

“Smoke a bowl”: Getting high with meth using a meth pipe.

Here is a glossary from that gives more proper usage for terms.

Apparatus: Glassware: Mason jars, crock pots, funnels, Pyrex pans, etc.

Birch/Nazi Method: Process of manufacturing meth with anhydrous ammonia instead of red phosphorus, takes about 4 hours.

Catalyst: Speeds up the reaction.

Clandestine Lab/Meth Lab: An illicit operation consisting of a sufficient combination of apparatus and chemicals that either has been or could be used in the manufacture or synthesis of controlled substances, to include methamphetamine.

Cooker/Cook: The person that manufactures the methamphetamine

Conversion: Undesirable form of the drug is changed into a more desirable form. Example: Cocaine hydrochloride to crack, Methamphetamine to ice.

Extraction: Finished drug is removed from raw materials by the use of chemical solvents. The structure of the drug is not altered. Example: Morphine from Opium, Hashish from Cannabis, etc.

Kitty litter: Used during the Red Phosphorus method. It can cover the smell and traps the hydrogen chloride.

Meth Use: The use of methamphetamine by smoking, injecting, ingesting or snorting.

Multiple Process Labs: Different types of labs in process at one location.

Precusors: Necessary ingredients to the production

Reagents: Chemicals necessary to react with the precursors to chemically change it.

Red Phosphorus Method: Most popular process of manufacturing meth, takes about 8 hours, uses red phosphorus instead of anhydrous ammonia.

Solvent: Medium or liquid in which a chemical operation takes place.

Street names for methamphetamine include: batu, black beauties, chalk, copilots, crack meth, crank, cristy, crystal, dexies, drivers, glass, go, go fast, hanyak, Hawaiian salt, hearts, hiropon, ice, kaksonjae, L.A. turnarounds, leapers, meth, pep pills, quartz, shabu, speed, thrusters, ups, uppers, wake ups, wire, zip.

Super Lab: Labs that produce 10 pounds or more of meth during one manufacturing process.

Synthesis: Raw materials combined through chemical process to produce desired drug.

“Tireds”: Our term for tweaker exhaustion – chin bouncing off your chest, can’t keep your eyes open, all you want to do is sleep in a black hole.

Tableting: Forming the finished drug into a dosage unit.

Tweaker: Chronic meth user, who probably has not slept in 3-15 days and is irritable and paranoid. Tweakers often behave or react violently.

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