My Meth Time Line

My Meth Time Line

June 1996  –Married the pastor (to be) and moved to Australia. I was 19.

September 2000  -Came back to the U.S. (4 years in Australia). I was 23

October 2000  –Started working at the airport (one of my favorite jobs)

November 2000  –Filed for divorce from the pastor.

January 2001  -Met Mark (the biker) who also worked at the airport

December 31, 2002 –Smoked pot for the first time with Mark. A week later, Mark introduced me to meth. I was 25

December 31 2004 – left Mark (the biker) and came down the first time (on my dad’s floor). The end of two years doing meth with Mark. I was 27.

January 2005 – Lost everything for the first time, started bartending, and living with my dad.

March 2005 – Divorced Mark. Started a new job as a secretary.

May 2005 – Met Jack. I was 28.

December 31, 2005  – After a year of being clean from meth, relapsed.

December 31, 2007 – Two years of meth with Jack and this was the last time I ever did meth.  I was 30.

December 31, 2015 will mark 8 years clean from meth.

God is good.


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About Carlee Walker

My name is Carlee and I'm a meth addict. I've been clean for nine years and celebrating normal life. Yes, a meth addict can have a normal life and the addiction can be like a scar on the knee. AND you don't have to face your addiction alone! Jesus has already promised to help us if we just call on Him - and my life is now fulfilling thanks to Him. Come, journey with me. Share with me. Grow with me. Together, we can celebrate normal life.